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Publications in the last 15 years:

2023: A Walk Down Memory Lane

2015: History of Montgomery Hall Park

2014: History of Black Beautician and Barbers of Staunton/Augusta County  

2014: The History of D. Webster Davis School & T. C. Edmunds School  

2014: Black Insurance companies of Staunton, Virginia 2013: Marie M. Miller Benevolent Home

2012: A Look Back in Time: The History of Effie Ann Johnson Nursery School and Day Care Center

2011: That’s Just the Way It Was  


Programs and community presentations in the past 15 years:

  • History of Local Black Military Members and Veterans Part 1

  • History of Local Black Military Members and Veterans Part 2

  • History of Local Black Masons

  • History of Local Black Doctors and Attorneys

  • History of Local Black Newspaper Editors

  • Crown Luncheon to celebrate the local Black History of the Hat

  • Rotating Black History Exhibits at Staunton City Hall, Augusta County Government Building, and the City and County Libraries.

  • SACAARS also participated in the Sunnyside Street Block Party, Mary Baldwin University Student Fair, and has decorated and held a Holiday Open House at Montgomery Hall Park each December.

  • Fairview Look Back 100 Years 2011

  • Effie Ann School 2012

  • Marie M. Miller Benevolence Home 2013

  • Reflection of Abolitionist Movement

  • History of Black of Beauty ( Cut & Curl) 2015

  • Black Heritage Program 2016

  • History of The NAACP. 2011

  • History of Black Music   2019

  • Black Funeral Home  2021

  • History of Black  Shoe Marker  2022

  • Powerful Black Women  2011

  • History of Black Tailors/Se.          2017

  • History of Black Women in Hats.  2019

  • History of  Black Cooks/Chefs  2023

  • Interview Seniors over 90 Years Old

  • SACAARS YouTube Channel (


Markers to Preserve and Promote Local Black History:

  • Wildcats Baseball Team 1948 1th Ballfield -@ Montgomery Hall Park

  • Montgomery Hall Park Highway Marker- @ Montgomery Hall Park

  • Effie Ann Johnson Nursery School- 415 N. Augusta Street

  • T.C. Edmunds School-1000 W. Johnson Street

  • D.W. Davis School- 1000 W. Johnson Street

  • Mt. Zion Lodge #18, Mason- 815 N. Augusta Street

  • Kenneth L. Jones Funeral Home- 815 N. Augusta Street

  • A.M.E. Church- -936 Sudbury Street

  • Fairview Cemetery - Lamber-. Augusta Street

  • Queen Miller - Montgomery Hall Park  


The power of knowing history is great; the power of knowing our local Black history is greater.  Much of the local history is disappearing with the older generation. We must act now!

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